My favorite things.

21 Sep
My motivational book.  I put all my motivating magazine clipping in here.
I chew at night to keep cravings away.
my Tough wallet!
Salt & Pepper Shakers.  I got while antiquing (Love to antique).
My ipod.  Could NOT go without
Got this at TJ Maxx.  From Dylan’s Candy Bar (NYC).  Sooo good.
My clear recipe holder.
I add one scoop of this in my 1/2 cup oatmeal almost every morning.  sooo good!
From Anthropologie.  Great taste.
Got this lavender filled eye pillow in San Fran.
Coasters we got for XMAS, I cut out magazine clippings and put in center.
THE Best book ever.
Scrapbooking.  Made this for Mark.
My cow chair.
Awesome Calvin Klein Rain Jacket
Mr. Hanky
Jules in my bed.
The boys.
Add caption My brother, Tony, created this picture of Milla Jovovich, it is an all time favorite.
THE Clarisonic face brush.  It rocks!  Thanks Alex!
My awesome designer cross and tough jewelry box.
My Lulu Collection.  Small, but powerful!
Local Artist did this.
Our light up pumpkin.
My jeweled out phone.
My brother painted this, it’s miniature.  It’s from a picture of me.
I am a Pisces, sensitive and a dreamer.
My dad drew this when he was in high school. I got it framed.
My purse collection.  Vast.
My shoe collection, always growing.
My Pajar boots I got in Chicago.
Cactus.  Stays strong, doesn’t need much.
Super cute purple Faux Fur Vest.
Free People Sweater.
My white octopus purse.  It could very well be one of Mary Poppin’s Purses.
My orange room.
Little people from Custom’s Imports, one of our favorite stores in New Buffalo, MI.
Oxygen, healthy women.
Antiquing.  Picked this up a couple years ago.  In love.
My “scare”ramics.  Did this in college, was one of my favorite pieces.
My fur hat my mom got me.  RISKAY
My Nars makeup.
my ceramics.
TOUGH says it all.
My book of dreams and accomplishments.

2 Responses to “My favorite things.”

  1. Noel Harris November 1, 2011 at 4:01 pm #

    Too funny! I love all your fave things! Mr. Hanky is one on my all-time favorites! When Myspace was around….I listed Mr. Hanky as someone I’d like to meet! Orange is my very favorite color!!!! And we are both leg girls! Best of everything Ms. Beautiful!

    • fierceforward November 3, 2011 at 11:22 pm #

      Noel. It just so happens that I think your name is beautiful and peaceful:) thanks for taking the time to look at my fave things…mr. hanky rocks!!! I got him on Urban Outfitters. maybe you’l find him there this christmas!

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