Eliminating The Foods That Are Making Me Fat.

11 Nov

After my final blog in the Series about finding myself the hard way and realizing how to now move forward, I came to the conclusion that I needed to rule out one more question that had been bugging me: Do I have excess stress that is creating cortisol, which will put Belly Fat on you. The results came back and my Hormone Doctor called me and we discussed my stress levels and what I found out was shocking.

I had no excess or unusual stress patterns. I’m telling you I thought this was going to be the answer, because I know I had been stressing about this for over a year now.

So then I broke down and told her that I thought that was going to give me an answer and that maybe I JUST HAVE A TURTLE FOR A METABOLISM. Let me back this up with the fact that I have been diagnosed with a sluggish thyroid, which runs in my family and which can also be caused by excess dieting. * I am supplementing with natural hormones for my thyroid and am actually on level now. She reassured me that since my last blood test, my levels are now in normal range.

So here I am, sitting there thinking, WHAT THE HELL is the answer then. I do everything right, and I WILL NOT except no as an answer…I work very hard and even though in my blogs I have mentioned that my mind set has shifted to accepting that I am an “athletic” girl and that I know I have to work harder than most others at even maintaining my frame, I still want to keep moving forwards. I want to be able to move forward in this industry and I can’t do that with excess stomach fat around my waist. I just broke down and told her I didn’t know what else to do.

She was not in town when I got my food allergy results back but her colleague was who read them to me. So she went to my allergy testing pages and said, “holy moly, you have more intolerances than me.” She seemed stunned. Her reaction was not the same one her colleague gave me. She then asked me, “Have you eliminated these foods yet?” I replied, “I only eat gluten when I have my cheat meal but other than that, no.” She replies, “Ashley, you have intolerances to Lactose, all Cheeses, Whey, Chicken, White Fish…tons of things….you need to realize that this could be your problem.” I took this very seriously and asked more questions. She said people can build up food intolerances to foods they consume over and over again and that’s why it is important to rotate your foods.

I left her office feeling a mix of emotions. I felt a bit confused, that how can I still not have figured my own body out. How could I have not taken the Food Intolerance test more seriously and when will I start with the holidays coming up and me 6 months out from my next goal, which means a long time of being strict. After little debate, I decided to start the next day. I went out to get my favorite, Mexican:) and cleaned out my fridge. 6 weeks of no chicken, white fish, sweet potato, whey, lactose (this means my cheat meal will be affected, haha), turmeric (no more Turkey Loves Curry:( Ashley doesn’t love these results) 🙂 and many, many other items, this was going to be a new start almost. It’s not like I have to just cut out gluten. That would have been fairly easy, aside from my cheat meal. But there are TONS of resources for getting around that.

Here is my fridge after cleaning it out. The empty shelf is the shelf that I cleaned. NOTHING remains that I am not intolerant to. I think that says for itself what the doctor told me. No eggs either:(

These are all the spices I had to put into storage because they either have “pumpkin, turmeric, mustard, or a few other things I can’t have in them.”

Goodbye Mustard and all you great condiments.

I began reading some articles and I do look at sources. Here is a paragraph from one of them that hit me like a ton of bricks.

“One example of how food sensitivities/intolerances negatively impact the body is weight gain. If your body interprets your “trigger” food (or food allergen) as a chemical toxin that must be either rejected of buffered, your body will initiate a protective mechanism in which your fat calls bind to and sequester the food toxins. Your fat cells act as buffers between these chemicals and your organs and tissues. As a result, your fat cells grow larger, and your percentage of total body fat increases. Thus, you’ll gain weight and bloat despite your best efforts at dieting and exercise. For more information on stubborn weight issues see Dr. Cushing’s free report on “Explosive Findings on Useless Diets and Dangerous Drugs.””

Here is the article:

3 in 4 people have food intolerances and they just don’t know it.

So 6 weeks, elimination. I have gone 2 days. It has been the start of a new journey. It is tough but maybe I’m supposed to help others with this same issue down the road, who knows:) I’m not ruling anything out, I never do!

Getting through the holidays will be tough, but my creativity will have to be turned on even more in the cooking department to avoid most things I always ate.
Imagine eliminating most things you ate. Here is my list!

eggs, egg whites, chicken, white fish, lactose, whey, gluten, pumpkin, turmeric, all berries, grapes, teff(a gluten free grain), peanuts, mustard, green peppers, and so forth.

I’m ready for you 6 weeks!

I look forward to sharing with you another piece of my life, that is centered around understanding my bodies needs. It is really important to me to understand my body so then I can move forth fiercely, in the way I want to and see growth. Then I can wipe out anything that is holding me back!

Here’s to another something new and a new community of people with food intolerances. I hope you’ll feel free to share any recipes you may have, as I’d really enjoy that. You know I’ll be working on some myself!


4 Responses to “Eliminating The Foods That Are Making Me Fat.”

  1. Adam Leven November 12, 2011 at 1:45 am #

    I feel so bad for you 😦 That is the best chili sauce in the world!!!

  2. Patricia Nilsson November 12, 2011 at 2:50 pm #

    Thank you for sharing your information! Good luck and I’ll be interested in your progress over the next 6 weeks.

  3. Justina November 14, 2011 at 11:54 am #

    Hey Ashley – wow! so many food intolerances?? OMG! thank you so much for sharing this! I started doing a bit more research into this and today I am book myself with naturothearapist here in London.. I think I have food intolerances.. in fact I know I do.. They say you usually crave foods that you have intolerances to.. and sometimes I just CRAVE bread and can not stop eating it.. this could be the answer! Good luck with your challenge, wow it seems tough, but GIRL YOU CAN DO IT! Let’s push together 🙂 xxx

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