Shoulders & Back Superset

24 Feb

I like to superset these two muscles because you’re not using them as much as you would use your Biceps when training back. They pair well together and you can get an individual pump going on.

You’ll go from one exercise to the next with little rest for a circuit. 30 seconds rest in between each set for drink of water or rest. 4×10 reps for everything

Warmup first set lighter weight

-Reverse Grip Lat Pulldowns Superset with
*For demo on Reverse Grip Lat Pulldowns, see demo in vid below
Reverse Grip Lat Pulldowns
-Shoulder Press Barbell superset with
-Kettlebell Windmills
*For demo on KB. Windmill Form or how to do see first part of video below
Kettlebell Windmills

-Seated Rows superset with
-Dumbbell Lat Raises superset with
-Turkish Getups with dumbbell

I sweat the entire way through, you should not be resting longer than 30 seconds. Get in the gym, do business! Took me 40 minutes and here are my weights and reps I was able to push out.
set 1 reps/weight set 2 reps/weight set 3 reps/weight set 4 reps/weight
Pulldowns— 12/100 10/120 10/100 12/85 *I did an extra 2 past the 10 I aimed for because I lowered weight…do that if you can
Shoulder Press—12/40 12/40 10/40 8/40
Windmill—- 10/10 10/10 10/15 10/15

Seated Rows— 10/110 12/90 12/90 I burned out on this last set.
Lat Raises— 12/10 11/10 8/10 6/10
Turkish Getups 10/10 10/10 10/10 10/10 struggled

felt a push to go longer and harder but my body was telling me I was tired

sweat throughout entire workout. not heavy sweat but a medium sweat.


2 Responses to “Shoulders & Back Superset”

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