Leg Workout—Strong and Long

27 Feb


Legs have been my strongpoint since beginning lifting. I also carried a lot of weight in my legs when I gained weight but it came off quickest in my legs and I also packed on muscle very quickly. With my clients, I tend to love leg day because I feel it’s what I got really good at working. This is a bit of a different workout, as I incorporated more machines into this one, which I don’t have the tendancy to use much. I prefer using free weights and body weight vs. machine assisted, however, I believe it’s good to always have a balance of everything, and that everything can be used to help! After doing this workout, my abductors and adductors were very sore:) Make sure you see note at end for a tougher push after your weights!!;)

Remember, it takes knowledge/the proper tools, hard work, discipline, proper diet and patience to begin to see results. The instant results I listen to are if I’m sore or not. THIS IS GROWTH. make sure to rest your muscles at least 2 days after working them. IE. don’t do another legs day for 3 days later after this one. REST is where the growth occurs. Be patient, put the work in and results will come!

4×15 for everything. You can either go through entire workout 4 times or do 4×15 for each exercise or superset. Superset, keep it fast and strong. 30 seconds rest tops between sets. *if you are trying to build muscles quick and bulk, add weights or go heavy and lower reps (shoot for 3×8)
Pick a weight that is challenging for the last few.

*Warmup-walking lunges 1 minute

~Abductor machine, superset to
~Adductor machine

~Bench stepups with reverse lunge coming down (so do a step up, stay on one leg first, then as you come down, go into a reverse lunge). again, add weight if you want it harder

~dropset!!! Single leg, leg extension on machine. *Start with higher weight do 10 reps(I did 40 lbs), then drop weight to next one down and do 10 more then drop it one more weight down and go until burnout…

~Leg Pressdowns on Assisted Pullup Machine. (if you dont’ have one, you can do single leg bridges on back on ground) So put foot rest down and put foot (since we’re not targeting JUST glutes here, just put center of foot on it)…and push down…you’ll have to find a weight that works for 15 on each side. I make sure my other leg is not moving and that I’m in control the entire exercise. My hands just hold on to the top bar where you would use for a pullup.

~Walking lunges with dumbbells. your call on weight. 2 minutes time yourself.

~Goblet squat with kettlebell or dumbbell, superset with
~50 mountain climbers (1 rep is 1 leg moving in toward your face)

If you really want to make leg day BIG, then go to treadmill and put incline to 15, find a walking pace where you are starting off slow, then put speed up to where you are briskly walking. do this for 10 minutes. you should be sweating your heart out! If it’s too easy, you need to up pace.



2 Responses to “Leg Workout—Strong and Long”

  1. Jen J. February 28, 2012 at 2:10 am #

    Ashley! This looks like a great workout. Is there any chance you could post a video of the step up/reverse lunge and the press down on the assisted pullup machine? The instructions are great but I tend to be a visual learner. Thanks in advance – you ROCK!

    • fierceforward March 3, 2012 at 7:50 pm #

      hey Jen, I will do my best to get that to you soon!

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