Workout Wednesday! Stairmill & Yoga

11 Apr

Today I did the Stairmill (some people call it a Stairclimber, I’ve always called it a Stairmill) for 40 minutes, while mixing my foot positioning up.   I kept the workout “type” (options on Stairmill to choose from) on “Aerobic,” as today I was focusing on lower intensity since I will also being doing yoga tonight.  I focused my positioning on the muscles I was trying to it, whether quads, glutes, middle glutes, outer hips, etc.  *biggest thing, do not hold onto the top of the handles and take away from your lower body working.  You are not there to nap or rest on it while dripping sweat on top of the buttons;)  I’ve seen it all!

Here is what I did:

~Feet forward

~Turned body and feet, angled my step left

~Turned body right, angled stepping right

~Forward, skipping stairs

~Crossing feet over one another hitting my outer hips & middle glutes

For more information on the benefits of using a Stairmill, go here.

I will also be doing one hour of Gentle Yoga in 3 hours!

I do Yoga so I can be like her!

Tell me what you are doing today by commenting below! 


2 Responses to “Workout Wednesday! Stairmill & Yoga”

  1. mygoalcalledlife April 11, 2012 at 7:18 pm #

    The stairmill is the devil! I’m actually planning on doing 30 minutes on the stairmill tonight plus some legs & core training, so I will try your routine! 🙂

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