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Sport Your Fierce Attitude!

18 Mar

The day I got my Fierce Attire in was a big day for me that I’ll remember forever. It’s taken me 3 years to build Fierce Forward to what it is now. Alot of time, thought and care goes into what I do, and it’s my passion. You all are what makes Fierce Forward continue moving forward, with all of your support.

I hope to see many of you wearing a Fierce Forward Hat or shirt to spread the Fierce Attitude and remind you the fire you have inside.

The link to the Fierce Shop is linked to all the pictures:

The Fierce Trucker Hat. Army Green with a creme mesh back. Velcros in back to adjust. Bright red, fiery Logo on front.

Unisex Tie Dyed American Apparel Tshirt. This shirt is super soft and once gone, they will not be back.

Ladies Bella Fitted Tshirt. This shirt is heather gray with Logo on front in White and logo on top back neck. This shirt is smaller than average sizing, so go up a size.

My favorite Tshirt of the bunch: American Apparel Unique Creme Flowered Print on White Scoop neck.

Ladies Muscle Tee in Light Purple and Black! The pretty much rock.

Here are some pictures of Fierce Fighters in Fierce Attire.
Vanessa sporting the Black Muscle Tee and Fierce Trucker Hat.

Dorian sporting the Fitted Bella Top.


And the winner is…

14 Mar

Thank you all for your support at Fierce Forward. It is a community of people that basically, kick ass and BAD ASS!

Watch the video to find the winner. If you don’t win, you can still work with me. Here is the link for more info on my 12 Week Training Services. Also, if you haven’t gotten your FIERCE WEAR, you may buy here….I need YOU to sport your Fierce Attitude and Represent!
Any questions, please email me @

Oh yah, follow me here, or I’ll kick your butt!

I want YOU to be my next Success Story!

10 Mar


Most of you know my weight loss journey, but for those of you who are new to Fierce Forward Click Here.

Throughout my Journey I have trained and mentored others through my Successful & Fierce, 12 Week Program! What? So your goal is to compete in a Bikini Competition? Not a problem, done that!
Whether you want to just learn how to shape up your current diet, lose 50 pounds, 100 pounds, the last 10 pounds, build muscle, prepare for a Photoshoot, or even train for the Tough Mudder, I got you covered! I train women & men.

The Fierce, 12 Week Program consists of….
-A Skype or Phone Consultation once per week.
-Personalized/Customized Meal & Exercise Plan designed specifically for you.
-Food List of clean, healthy, whole foods.
-Weekly email checkins from you with updated measurements and questions.
-Meal & Exercise Plan modifications as we move along through the 12 weeks.
-Email support.
-The best motivation, encouragement and support you could want.:)
-Oh yah, and a free Fierce Forward hat that you can proudly sport while at the gym, tooling around town or just hanging around home making my Apple Cinnamon Baked Oatmeal.

-I began with my family. I helped my Brother to lose 30 pounds, and with a background in Culinary Arts, he found a passion for healthy cooking. My Sister lost near 20 pounds and gained a love for lifting.
-I helped a woman with Diabetes bring her Blood Glucose &levels to a normal, healthy range where she no longer had to rely on her medication every day! She maintained her healthy levels through clean eating.
-I helped a woman lose over 40 pounds and gain her confidence back.
-I have worked with a pregnant woman to stay in shape during her pregnancy, to prepare for a healthy delivery.
-I helped a man who had not been less than 200 pounds in 10 years, stand firmly at 195 within 7 weeks of working together.
-I showed the ropes to a local client who is looking amazing, all through a clean, simple, healthy diet and the right exercise program (a combination of lifting and cardio).
-I will never forget how I helped one woman go from a Personal Banker to a Personal Trainer, Motivational Speaker, Spokesmodel for and Creator and Owner of Fierce Forward:) All through healthy eating, exercise and determination!

*TESTIMONIAL from Crystal N.
“Ashley taught me how to eat properly. She made a meal plan that had 6 balanced meals each day. The very week I started her meal plan, my blood sugar levels went from 300-400’s down to 90-100’s! Before Ashley I was eating very unhealthy and justified everything I put in my mouth. I am on week 9 with Ashley and still going strong. I made a goal to lose 20 pounds. My starting weight was 171. During week 8, I reached 161! I have lost 10 pounds and 1 dress size. Strangers are always mentioning the muscles in my arms! I also ran my 3rd annual 5 mile race the fastest pace of all my races. 55:53! My legs are so strong now and I know how to properly fuel myself. She didn’t have to respond to my email that day…but she did. And I am forever grateful. She has changed my life in so many ways. Saved me from a deadly lifestyle. I believe Ashley truly has a genuine love for EVERYONE to be healthy. Not just herself, not just her family, but strangers that live miles and miles away.”

As you all know or can probably see, Fierce Forward is my Passion. Helping others and being able to reach a wide array of people across the World has been a gift I am grateful for every day. I want to help others reach the goals I have reached for myself. I know what it’s like to be on the other side. I also know what it’s like to be on this side. There is a very thick line separating both sides that I believe with all my heart every person is capable of breaking down.

Yoda said, “Do or do not, there is no try.” I think of that every day. It’s all in your mind. Everything starts and ends in your mind. It’s about making things happen and always moving forward with a positive mindset. Seeing it before it happens, as if it has already happened.


Beginning at 9pm Central Time, (anytime after this post),
3. ATTACH THIS PICTURE. *just copy and save to desktop
4. LASTLY, confirm you made your post on any of my wall posts that includes the link to the contest rules by saying, “done” and I will confirm by visiting your wall. *I will watch for duplicate names and make sure I get everyone who has made the post.

I will be announcing the winner on Tuesday evening, 8pm central time!

A sample would look like this: *click on picture to enlarge

Good Luck!



Create an Inspiration Contest

23 Jan

When I first began my journey, I looked to and it’s Transformations of the Week as Motivation. Every other Friday, I’d get on my computer at work and keep checking until a new Transformation came out. I couldn’t wait! My favorite part of the entire story of someone’s Journey was their “Advice to Others.” What I realized is that we all go through a different, unique journey of our own, but every person’s “Advice to Others” Statement was what I connected with, without fail, every time.

WHAT: Fierce Fighters, this is YOUR chance to Motivate, Inspire, Encourage and Empower others with your “BEST ADVICE.” In one statement, write your most Motivating or Inspirational Advice that can help others achieve their Health & Fitness Goals.

Sample Photo and Advice to Others:

In life, you are the only person who will always be with yourself. Choose a healthy lifestyle for her, work hard at progressing, never stop getting better and you will give yourself the greatest gift you are able to: love for oneself. Life is short. Start being who you want to be now! ~Ashley Johns, taken from her Transformation of the Week, 2/2010 For full Transformation Story, go here:

WHO CAN ENTER: You! Fierce Fighters. Friends of Fierce Fighters. Anyone & Everyone. We all have a story. You do NOT have to have lost weight to enter this. You can be anyone who has advice to others on how to move forward with health and fitness. The beauty of this contest is that we all have something different to say.

RULES: Email your Advice to Others Statement and one picture representing you and your Health. Email me at *double check spelling, as people often misspell the first part of the email. DO NOT POST TO FIERCE FORWARD WALL. I will put all the entries together and create a Photo Album that will be uploaded to the Wall on the Start Date of the Contest.

HOW YOU WIN THE FABULOUS PRIZES: On Friday, January 27th, I will upload the Photo Album with all of the Entries and the voting will begin! The Photo and Advice to Others that has the most “Likes” will be the winner of the contest. Share your photo from my album with friends and family and encourage people to “like” your photo and Advice to Others.

START DATE: Send your photos and Advice to Others starting now! The voting will begin Friday, January 27th!!!

END DATE: 6pm -Central Standard Time- Friday, February 10th. I will announce the winner on Tuesday, February 14th!

1. BODYBUILDING.COM will be providing a package of gifts to the Winner. What is inside is a surprise!

2. THE SWEATY BETTY’S have done it again! Aubrie and Danny J will be giving an original Sweaty Betty’s Shirt.

3. JENNY GROTHE of RECIPES FOR GALS IN FIGURE AND BODYBUILDING is giving away her amazing Cookbook sold on 75 Ways to Love Your Oatmeal. This girl knows her stuff too!

4. KELLY RENNIE, ATHLETE AND FITNESS MODEL IN UK is giving us her ebook of Healthy Recipes!

5. SOLOMON FALLS SEAFOOD will be sending the Winner a 5lb. Box of Alaskan Salmon!! A $100 value *If you live outside the USA, Solomon Falls is unable to ship out of US, however, something else will be done for you! In this case, there will be a second place winner who will receive this gift, unless you are out of the US. We’ll play this part by ear;)

6. BUSY MOM GETS FITS is donating a Busy Mom Gets Fit Shirt!

7. FASHLETICS. The awesome Sarah is giving away to support the contest, a pair of Live. Love. Lift. Knee High Socks.


8. ASHLEY JOHNS OF FIERCE FORWARD will be giving you a small package of items to motivate and inspire you!

1. BODYBUILDING.COM is the World’s #1 Online Supplement and Bodybuilding Website. In my opinion, the most Motivational. has been with me since day 1 of my Journey. I have been so lucky to have met most of the crew and the Team behind the Motivation and Powerhouse, and they all are amazing people. Thank you for all of your support.

2. THE SWEATY BETTY’S are Danny J and Aubrie, two beautiful women who work to motivate and keep it fun and exciting in the Fitness World. They welcome anyone to take part in the laughs and enjoy each day of being healthy. They love Balance and work to guide people to avoid extremes and just be happy in their journey. These two girls are great role models and I thank them for their part in this Contest.

3. JENNY OF RECIPES FOR GALS IN FIGURE AND BODYBUILDING has been one of my mentors since beginning Fierce Forward. I admire how many she guides on her page. She is an inspiration and a smart businesswoman. She has made lemonade out of lemons and continues to grow her business whilst motivating and inspiring others. She is a true success.

4. KELLY RENNIE is a wonderful, genuine woman I am proud to call my friend. I reached out to her in the beginning of my journey for guidance. I looked up to her figure and what she had accomplished. I did not expect a reply but to my surprise, Kelly went above and beyond and offered me help where I needed it and to this day, we speak often. She is currently pregnant and taking an amazingly healthy approach to her pregnancy, sharing information with her supporters of how to be healthy and pregnant. She is amazing to me.

5. SOLOMON FALLS SEAFOOD is an Alaskan company that I found through Fierce Forward. I have always purchased farm raised tilapia. I’m not a huge Salmon fan but on one of my posts, Solomon Falls reached out to me by advising me to strongly consider wild caught fish for health purposes. I kept in touch with her, asking more questions, trying to educate myself on the matter, as I am always interested in being as healthy as possible. After developing a rapport, she offered to send me some samples. In the mail, I got an abundance of AMAZING Salmon. It was above and beyond (gotta love that!) and to this day, I am proud to say they are still working with me through this contest. Thank you Solomon Falls. Check them out, they deliver amazing salmon that is wild caught.

6. BUSY MOM GETS FIT is a woman who is a Busy, Fit Mom. Those are three jobs all on their own. I look up to women like this, as I have not had children yet. Without knowing how much you actually have to give of yourself to a child(ren), what I do know is that it’s hard enough keeping myself healthy, with just me to look after. I look up this woman as a mentor and will hope to follow her lead when I decide to have a child of my own. Thank you Val for being such an awesome Role Model!

7. FASHLETICS was created by Sarah. I asked Sarah if she’d like to Team on this project and be a Sponsor, to support the intention to Motivate, Inspire and give back to my Fierce Fighters! She kindly said yes. She is also offering Fierce Fighters 10% off discount code, which I will announce first week of February, so you can get 10% off of a pair of knee high socks or an awesome dumbbell necklace that I’ve been dying to get for over a year now!

8. FIERCE FORWARD is a company that started as a Mantra. It means to Move forward fiercely, with no hesitation. To face your fears, to work hard and never give up. Ashley Johns wanted to help others see what she found for herself. She knew anyone could have what she worked for if they CHOSE. They just needed the right mindset and attitude to start. Fierce Forward has blossomed and I’m proud to say I wake up every day feeling the love and support from the best supporters ever, our Fierce Fighters. These are true, genuine people who believe in what I’m doing. It’s a community of healthy people moving forward towards their goals, each and every day. I never thought it would reach the height it has, and now a logo has been created and shirts are in development. Who knows what’s next! All I know is my passion is waking up and sharing motivation with you, offering advice and support when needed. I am grateful every day for the community we have. Fierce Forward!


Christmas Cheer

21 Dec

That time of year is here again. Christmas, New Years and a New Year ahead of us.

Some people dislike the Holidays and then you’ll find some people that look at the Holidays with Optimism and Cheer.

Personally, I think we have a choice and I’d rather love something about something than dislike it. Why waste your energy on something that doesn’t serve you in any way. These are life lessons that hit in all areas of life. For me, Christmas means family and several moments of fantasy, made of bright, colorful lights, amazing, soulful food (usually coated in sugar!) and meaning.

I am grateful to have family that I feel so close to and love very much.

You all know I love to cook so this Friday I am baking Christmas cookies/treats all day to give away. Baking is therapeutic for me. It’s not often I bake with the real goods, I usually bake with subtracting those ingredients in mind. But Friday is all about creating and spending some quality time with myself and my mom.

I’m not going to say anything about Health or Fitness in this post. I want to begin separating myself from that a bit and creating a small space where I can share my thoughts and spread who I am in a different way.

I can’t wait to show you what I end up creating! Sugar Cookies are my thing!
Here is what I did for Halloween 2010. I LOVE decorating cookies, it’s a creative outlet for me. I can’t wait to see what I create this year. I do have a cookie press now and I can’t NOT do a Fierce Forward Cookie. I don’t care if it’s contradictory…because in some ways it’s not, because I BELIEVE in rewarding yourself with a cheat meal. There are tons of benefits to it anyways…oh shoot, I said I wouldn’t talk about H&F.

So whatever you’re doing, or whatever you’re current mindset is about the Holidays….cheer up and spread the love. We need more of it in the World. When you learn to PRACTICE Gratitude, Optimism will begin to take shape from that.


13 Dec
Waiting, wanting, desiring what we don’t have, needing, but not ever moving- wasting, washing our souls away. We float with the daily grind of things and watch our lives pass us as we forget what happened yesterday. We forget how to discern between yesterday and the day before, because we are not living how we really want to live. If we were living with passion and purpose, we would remember it all. We’d have to, because it means the world to us, it is a part of who we are. Have you ever done something or gone somewhere or experienced something that made you realize, “This is it. This is what I want!” We lose that feeling when we return to our reality, going day by day living for a paycheck. We wash up on the shore only to return back to the ocean to wash up again and then maybe, luckily, someone will pick us up and change our lives. No one will ever pick you up except you. You have to move yourself away from the back and forth wash and move towards what you want.

Maybe you don’t know, but you can figure it out by looking closely at the times you felt something different.

These times are so few, that’s why we have to tap into understanding their impact more.

These are the times our soul feels on fire. We feel alive.

Why is it so rare though. I think we’re all on a mission to find our next Moment of Fire. Because these are the moments that make us feel a purpose, that we’re here doing something and doing something right to have felt that.

It’s the times that a light goes off when you realize something you’ve been working years to understand. How could it be so simple. It moves you forward. It wakes you up.

But how could you live that life? You have to make money. You have to support yourself and your family and you have to bring home a paycheck every other week. True, but you can also be smart about what you do with your time and first invest in deciding where you sit at this moment. Have you become complacent and accepted where you are or maybe you are down and depressed day by day. Then do something different. Begin thinking.

You can live your life always wanting more but doing nothing about it or you can live your life knowing what you want and set out to do whatever it takes to capture it and make it happen. Life is too short to sit at a desk all day doing things for everyone else. What about you? What do you want?

Begin today to listen to the little things that happen to you that makes you FEEL something. Those feelings and that reaction is your soul telling you it wants more. There’s something there. Begin there.

Food Allergy Elimination Diet Results

4 Dec

So overall here are the changes I have noticed:

No running nose
No dry cough
No sneezing in morning
Less bloated in my midsection
Feeling more energy

I will admit, this has been very difficult and after 12 days, I realized I had eaten a raisin, which are the grape family and since I’m allergic to grapes, I had to start all over again. Sigh. It was tough….

How do you take 52 foods you normally eat and take them out of your diet and try to open your mind to new things that is a very limited amount of foods really.

Then I have to, One by One, add my food allergens back in. You do one, so take gluten, for 8 days and have it with two meals of your day. And then see how your body responds. So we’re not just talking 6 weeks, we’re talking almost an entire year probably of incorporating all those foods back in, one by one, for 8 days at a time. It just is alot to work with.

I love what has happened so far but I don’t want to be that restricted for that long. It’s not living.

I’m so glad I found out what my allergens are and that I know how my body reacts to having them in my day to day life. I have completely cut out gluten (except am making an exception on the holiday of Christmas and New Years) and all dairy, coffee :(- , garlic…those were the highest allergens I responded to most. They give you numbers of how high your body responds to the food and those rated the highest, coffee actually the highest of everything. I did try coffee recently and noticed that I couldn’t sleep that night, (just not used to the caffeine from it anymore) I got a dry cough at night and the next morning I used half a box of tissues and felt horrible like I had a cold but just allergies and mostly, I found I could not breathe well and while trying to get to bed I had a wheeze just when breathing. This is almost like asthma symptoms.

Through this I have learned that I want to keep my body in a natural state, feeding it with natural, unprocessed foods that are predominantly from the ground. Lots of vegetables, fruits here and there and lean protein. That is what my body wants. I have also learned 3 in 5 people have food allergies and don’t know it. I think it’s best to know the most about your body as you possibly can. It’s only to your benefit.

I didn’t do before and after pictures but did do measurements and lost a total of 4 inches from my midsection. Now, I will say that I tend to bloat easily with certain foods and the other time of the month. But I do feel less bloated and mostly, less sinus issues…which has really made me happier in the morning, as they could sometimes take my day over–that’s how uncomfortable it was.

I hope this helps you in some way to realize that sometimes if you can’t figure out why, after taking so many roads, your body will not change, that sometimes you might have to dig deeper. Here’s to moving forward!